English C Elementary Magic Book 2

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English C Elementary Magic Book 2

The purpose of foreign language teaching is to develop students' language skills so that they can communicate in different linguistic and cultural environments. By learning foreign languages, the concepts of literacy, multilingualism and multiculturalism are promoted as the main axes of students' cognitive and social skills. Foreign languages contribute to the development of the student's ability to respond to real communication conditions, predictable or unpredictable, using linguistic, para-linguistic or even extra-linguistic options. By teaching foreign languages, students realize that the foreign language is not only used for communication between people who have different ways of thinking and speaking, but also for receiving and managing information from various fields of knowledge.

Date of issue: December 2014
Cover page: Soft cover
Pages: 128

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Dimensions 28 × 21 cm

ITYE Diofantos


Thomai Alexiou, Marina Matthaioudaki